About Our Research

• Reversible crosslinked micellar nanoparticles

One project in the Lam Lab has led to the creation of micellar nanoparticles with enhanced abilities to deliver drugs for chemotherapy or imaging agents. Crosslinking provides them with greater structural stability that helps minimize the chance of the drug being released too early. The crosslinkers used also make these nanoparticle aggregates responsive to environmental stimuli; the release of the drug being carried is, thus, highly controllable. This research could result in more effective chemotherapy treatments and lower side effects.

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Targeting nanoparticles

• Biophysical approaches to study protein-nanoparticle interactions

• Development of new synthetic and screening techniques in peptide, macrocyclic, glyco- and small-molecule combinatorial chemistry

• Development of peptide-targeted therapy for cancer

• Protein tyrosine kinases, biochemistry, diagnostics, imaging agents, and drug development